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OB Self Service Portal Resources

The Ohio Benefits Self Service Portal recently rolled out some new enhancements!

Be sure to check them out here!

The Ohio Benefits Self Service Portal serves as a one-stop online shop for families to apply and view their Cash, Food, Medical and Child Care benefits. It is located at:

To better support our workers and users of the self-service portal, the Ohio Benefits Program Team is happy to provide the below videos, that walk users through the following processes:

In addition to the videos above, a How – To Guide is attached. The Guide provides step-by-step instructions for the above topics to help you navigate the new SSP enhancements! The How – To Guide may be shared with county residents! The attached “Cheat Sheet” is intended for caseworkers only.

Remember, by using the SSP, you are ensuring that families are using the most up-to-date version of the application for eligibility processing, meaning they won’t accidentally complete an outdated form!

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