Cash Assistance (TANF)

Ohio Works First (OWF) helps families with children get back on their feet. The OWF program can provide cash assistance to eligible families for up to 36 months. This temporary assistance helps with daily living expenses such as rent, utilities, food, car payments, child care, gas, and so forth.

OWF serves as a temporary support system designed to emphasize employment and family self-sufficiency through programs and services to unemployed and/or low income families. While receiving cash benefits, adult family members search for jobs, attend training for future jobs, participate in volunteer work programs, and/or finish a high school or vocational degree.

TANF Resources

The Ohio EPPICard

Once families have been approved for cash assistance, they can receive monthly payments in two ways:

  • Through direct deposit into their bank account, or
  • On the Ohio EPPICard
HOW DOES THE CARD WORK? The card looks similar to and works like a credit or debit card. Your payments are automatically loaded onto the card and can be used at MasterCard®, ATM and retailer locations in Ohio to make purchases or receive cash. LEARN MORE To find out more about the Ohio EPPIcard or to check your account balance, review your transaction history, report that you are moving, or report a lost or stolen card call, call, 1-866-320-8822 or visit the Ohio EPPICard website.

Work Requirements

Residents participating in Ohio Works First are required to meet a certain number of work or volunteer hours each week. Those who are unable to meet the requirements on their own, will be required to work closely with their case manager to remove any remaining barriers to employment.

Program Enrollment and Benefit Information

For complete information about cash, food and medical assistance, you may want to review the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) Program Enrollment and Benefit Information booklet. The booklet will inform you of the following:

  • What types of services ODJFS offers
  • Frequently asked questions about applying
  • The difference between various Medicaid programs and services
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Information about state hearings
  • Penalties for providing false information or committing fraud
  • How we use social security numbers
  • Information about citizenship and immigration status
  • Your civil rights
  • And other helpful resources

Non-Discrimination Statement

USDA Conducted Programs

State Hearings

If you disagree with any action on your case or if you believe WCDJFS has not taken an action it should have, you may request a hearing by phoning the ODJFS Consumer Access Line at 1-866-635-3748, emailing your request to or contact Wayne County directly at 330-287-5800. To find out more about state hearings, please review the state hearing section of the ODJFS Program Enrollment and Benefit Information document.

Voter Registration

Did you know that Wayne county Job and Family services is a Designated agency for the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA)? That means we have all the information you need if you decide you want to register to vote or need to update any information with the voter’s bureau. Click here to find out more information.